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    This should work. Would you mind if I reach out to you directly on Monday? We also having something in the works that will make our transaction checks much easier to build.

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  • 12/06/19--13:02: BIG-IP vCMP Guest
  • Trying to poll the correct mib information for these devices (BIG-IP vCMP Guest) - CPU and Memory. Anyone had any luck?  Thanks in advance.

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    2) I think the main things I still use in Atlas that I couldn't do in the new maps are custom labels, custom tooltips, and being able to select and delete connections that I don't want the map to display.  Would be good to just have some kind of "hide this connection" at least.


    3)  I find that the main value add in building these maps is it provides a way for someone who knows how everything comes together to document that and make it accessible to the rest of the team.  I may know all the critical interfaces for my WAN topology but the new hire hasn't learned them yet and it's a lot easier to point them to a WAN dashboard in Orion than to actually sit down and explain all the bits every time.  Similar problems apply to application architectures.

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  • 12/06/19--13:42: Re: Alerts that execute perl
  • This link has a quick walk through on enabling file auditing. You'd want to enable it for success and failures on the actual Perl exe file.
    Success Center

    When you simulate, does the script provide the intended results, aside from the success message? Does it pull down the configs, etc?



    Loop1 Systems: SolarWinds Training and Professional Services

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    atomiczombie  wrote:




    Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. 


    Our environment is distributed between Nutanix, AWS, Azure, and Vmware(ESX).  We are trying to disassociate all of our procedures from needing a special touch.  So it was decided to take all of our Ansible and Terraform and Puppet and Special one off Scripts and smoosh them all together into a few Azure Functions that can be kicked off by Service Now via a ticket.


    The rather unorthodox method of programming that function is simply because it was what I was familiar with.  I am currently working on getting together an Add Node function at this time.  Expect to see a new post from me or a newspaper headline about my admission to a loony bin. 




    Your environment and the scenario you described is the perfect combination of all the things I am interested to know how we can improve our monitoring for.

    If you're at a point where you're admitting yourself to the loony bin, would you mind if we scheduled a call with you to get more details and feedback from you?

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  • 12/06/19--14:21: Re: Alerts that execute perl
  • I will review the link about enabling file auditing, thanks for providing.


    The simulation does not provide the intended results.  I did get an Event Message after running the simulation (screen shot below).  Not sure if this provides any value but thought I would show. 




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    One thing I'm not seeing immediately that could be handy is the ability to rotate/randomly set passwords.


    Use case: We have an account management page that allows our students to update their passwords. Our developers have written an API call that goes into the backend server and changes a service account's password every 5 minutes.

    We would like to replicate this in WPM. Specifically:

    - goto the account management website

    - login as service account and with password

    - click on "change password" option

    - enter randomized password (that meets our criteria)

    - click to submit password

    - validate the "password update successful" text/image we provide

    - logoff the account management system

    - When the loop is repeated, use the newly set / randomly generated password.

    - If the system does not successfully update its password, use the previous one. (more advanced)


    We could probably get by just having WPM login and logout, but the full password change process is worth tracking for us.

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  • 12/06/19--15:22: Re: SQL Agent Job Status
  • I was also having issues with the search.  I had to track down another custom query I cribbed off of Thwack since my SQL/SQWL skills leave something to be desired, but it looks like


    where n.caption =


    Should be


    where n.caption LIKE


    Also, if you want to be able to search the job name as well:




    Thanks for the code!

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  • 12/06/19--16:55: Re: Alerts that execute perl
  • I setup the windows audit and when I run a simulation I see the perl.exe file being accessed in the Windows Security Logs.  Now it seems I must discover what is failing or not working with the .pl file.  I am new to perl and ActivePerl so I am not sure how to see why the script is not completing or what in the script is failing.  Would there be any log files associated to ActivePerl?  I have tried to duplicate everything from the old server on the new server like Environment Variables, script paths, etc.



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    On your default rule you can add a complex filter and exclude device names. if it’s more than 7-8 you may want to make the default logging rule the second rule.

    in this case, create a new rule. Have it match on the devices you want and take the action(s) needed. As the last action in the rule add ‘Stop Processing’. This will keep any subsequent rules from seeing the messages. Then your default rule will only see the messages that did not match your first, explicit, rule.